Plenty of new businesses are launched every day. To fight the competition and grab a permanent position in the market, business owners require promoting their business well. Conducting advertisement campaigns, hoardings, bill boards, printing pamphlets and distributing them by visiting customers are pretty strenuous and time consuming as well. Rather one can choose to send SMS to all the leads and try to promote the product. These bulk SMS techniques are highly beneficial as investment cost is less but results are multiple. How? Here are the top four benefits of SMS marketing which you should know to give your business the desired boost:
Rather than calling every lead, explaining them with the business motive, benefits and plans, one quick SMS can be drafted within 160 letters and sent to multiple recipients in one go. These easy to read and catchy messages can pass the message to the receiver in a much better way. These messages can also be customized to different groups as per their liking to generate a huge customer base.
Proverbs have more impact than moral stories. What can be conveyed through a short message will reach the audience in a quick and engrossing way than print outs or long emails. Drafting such bulk SMS messages is an art and there are creative copy writing experts who can design enjoyable and attractive messages for audiences in no time.
Clear and readable
SMS is a quick way to convey any message as these are clear and readable. Everybody can easily understand such messages and get the information at a glance. Also no one hesitates to open and read a SMS and hence its open rate is very high in comparison to emails or paper brochures which are too length and boring to go through. Thus no matter how much customers try to ignore, they tend to read one of the many SMS’ and finally get the product information.
mobile connect media
High conversion rate
Be it sending personalized SMS, or organizing SMS polls, creative contests, the rate of participation is always more compared to other mediums thereby attracting more customers. In contrast to email or phone marketing, SMS marketing results in good turnover of leads into customers and thus more conversion rate is achieved.
Country like Kenya where many mainstream businesses are progressively adapting technological advancements to diversify their GDP growth, SMS marketing techniques are greatly helpful. As every household owns mobile phones at present, connecting to common man via forums like bulk SMS Kenya is a wise move by the business owners. Also with zero cost involved, sending bulk SMS to customers and updating them with every business idea paves way for the loyal customers. With such innumerable benefits, SMS marketing is one of the best ways to take one’s business to its peak! So, business owners! call up today, book an appointment and get bulk SMS marketing started  to grow the business by leaps and bounds and get more customers with each passing day.