Bulk sms marketing


We tailor our Mobile SMS Marketing solutions to your personal needs and wants, ensuring you are in the position of introducing your products to new demographics and new social spheres. We aid in you captivating the minds of you market niche, ensuring your products regain and retain their buzz.

We offers innovative mobile marketing product portfolios to you ensuring that your brand is adequately exposed and your brand products and services are exposed in as diverse and effective as possible. We ensure that your products remain visible through dynamic and innovative marketing strategies. We are trusted by thousands of organizations around the globe to ensure that their consumers are kept fully informed of the going ons in the market, and any new changes such as:

  • No Set Up Fees
  • Send notifications for New Product Launches
  • Promote your existing products and services
  •  Keep your customer base engaged
  • More Personal promotion that leads to a higher direct response rate as indicated by research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association.
  • May send promotional SMS during holiday seasons where consumers have a propensity of spending more, we will ensure your products aren’t left out.
  •  Affordable pricing, ensuring that you reach to as many consumers as possible