Mobile_Health technology in Kenya Africa

Health Care

We have deployed highly sophisticated and intelligent programs referred to as mHealth Applications or also  known as mobile health care applications  . This are intelligent mobile applications that cater for your health care and well-being. They play a critical role in ensuring that will your health is given the utmost attention and consequently play the role of your doctor while you away from supervised medical care.

    • Timely Appointment reminders
    • Schedule Reminders
    • Timely Dietary Tips
    • Urgent Drug recall Notices
    • Medication Reminders
    • Wellness Tips
    • Prescription Alerts


The Health care solutions being delivered by Mobile devices ensure that missed appointment dates due to forgetfulness/being too busy/lack of transportation costs and forgotten schedules are a thing of the past, with research indicating that missed appointments end up running into millions of dollars in lost revenue, we will ensure that you don’t miss a dime. By using our smart customer tailored products, you will be able to improve your patients care and their overall well-being, through a product portfolio that includes but not limited to
Health Solutions.

The deployment of mobile applications in the health care industry will have the following benefits:

* They expedite the treatment process by keeping both the professional medicare care giver and the patient, without the need of patient going to physically see the medical professional, e.g. doctor.

* They help to improve quality of care given by the medical professionals to the patient.

*  They lead to cost savings even in transportation cost on the patient for not having travelled long distances to seek medical attention.

*  They lead to time saved by the medical supervisors for not having had unnecessary consultations especially in cases where the medical mobile application would have communicated the same critical information, needed to make a diagnosis.

* They result in increased efficiency and also help to enhance competition in the health sector, that leads to drastic increases in improved health care provision.

* They help to enhance the patients health, even in instances the patient is many mies away from a medical facility like a hospital or a clinic.

*  In some instances with the consent of the patient they can also help to track down patients whereabouts, so incase of an emergency, the patient can be located with pin point accuracy.

  * The simplicity and the low cost of such technology will assist in this technology being readily available to anyone.

  * This technology also opens up a channel for the health professional to easily access and analyze data from the applications at any given time, giving them an added flexibility in the delivery of health care.