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With our robust mobile banking solutions such as Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), that come in the form of Mobile Money facilities such as Mpesa, Mshwari,Mkesho,M-banking, M-benki, etc, which are at your disposal, we ensure that you engage with your clientele in both a secure, timely, reliable, consistent and dependable manner. With consumer spending reaching dizzy financial heights, we will ensure that we put you in the driving seat to interactively engage with your consumers, at will.

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Our Financial solutions range from:

red mark signageStock Exchange Email/mms and sms notifications


red mark signageTimely Payment reminders


red mark signageInformation alerts - for ATM withdrawals, account deposits, account withdrawals, bank balances, etc


red mark signagePersonalized Customer notifications


red mark signageTimely account changes notifications, like bounced cheques, etc.



Mobile Money

Kenya has the one of the highest Mobile penetrations in the developing world when it comes to mobile money. In 2013, over 43% of Kenya’s GDP flowed through M-Pesa, this is with over 237 Million Person-to-Person transactions. This has allowed Institutions such as Insurance Companies, Saccos, Banks, Schools, Supermarkets, Petrol Stations, Retail shops, etc to conduct their business through mobile money, instead of carrying cash around everywhere they go. We have tapped into this market and enabled businesses to integrate their business operations with M-pesa Paybills, Lipa Na Mpesa, Yu Cash, Airtel Money etc. so that they can exploit this opportunity and drive their business ahead.

Mobile Banking

As per GSMA there are over 2 Billion people who are not covered by traditional mortar and brick banking services. As the gap between the have and have not keeps on growing due to lack of access to secure and sustainable financial services, to drag these populace from the $1 per day doldrums, this immense number of populace needs to be covered by secure, and easily accessible financial services. This is as the majority of this people are located in the Developing world and without a helping hand they may not be able to move to a more humane life.


This includes mobile money transfer such as that exhibited by M-pesa, mobile ticketing which is used as a digital boarding pass, content purchase on delivery services for fast foods, clothing, technological gadgets like mobile phones, online music videos, wallpapers for one’s phone, mobile –in application purchases through such platforms such as Google’s Play Store. As Kenya is a hub for technological know-how in the mobile industry, this has leads to the development of fresh new ideas such as e-Wallets, which assist in one’s day to day e-commerce activities.