Points to Consider while Selecting a Provider of Bulk SMS in Kenya
Bulk SMS marketing strategy is a technique in which business promoters take their new features, amazing offers etc. to their customer base via SMS services. With every individual owning a mobile phone these days, these short message service based marketing techniques reach the customer quickly and also help them to reply back swiftly. There are plenty of bulk SMS service providers in developing countries like Kenya, but the trick is in choosing the right one which can bring in profit for the business in the best way possible. So, how does a business owner chooses his third party vendor? Here are few points to ponder while choosing SMS API bulk SMS service provider who can help to grow any business in the most accelerated way:
While choosing your bulk SMS provider, you need to check the reliability factor. They should have a market value, reputation and more importantly they should be trust worthy. Instead of subscribing to the cheapest SMS provider, choose the one which gives you 24*7 network and fool proof service. After you should remember, when it comes to cost versus performance you should consider performance over the other factors.
Always go for a SMS service provider which is speedy and consistent. Check the available service providers in the vicinity who have uninterrupted network and see what they offer in their package. Speed with which the message reaches the customer and the network availability are the prime factors that you need to consider while selecting a provider of bulk SMS in Kenya.
Quick setup
If you are choosing your own SMS provider, make sure you select the one who comes with a quick set up and easy operations. You should be able to register fast in the system, create a good SMS and send to a list of customers within less time. A quick setup is extremely important to boost up your business.
Nominal Cost
Cost is a deciding factor. Choose the service provider who comes with an optimal cost loaded with plenty of features. If you get more message limit and more customer support from a branded service provider for a slightly better cost, you still can opt for that easily.
Customer support
Customer support is an important feature that has to be checked before subscribing to the service provider. In case of network breakdown or any other technical support a fast and experienced customer support is very important. As such bulk SMS service providers should be selected based on their 24*7 availability which will help to run the promotional campaigns smoothly.
It is always a good idea to do a complete research before choosing the service provider from the neighborhood locality so that you are benefited the most. Get the complete quotation from each service provider, compare and contrast their features and make your choice. So, whenever you wish to make your business more visible in Kenya, more prominent among your competitors, go for bulk SMS Kenya based promotional strategy from the most trustworthy service partner and build a brand!