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Microsoft has finally crossed the Rubicon with its Windows 8 Operating system and there is no turning back. This is the first time Microsoft has made a touch-screen control the top priority, though the system can still be switched into the familiar desktop mode that allows for control by keyboard and mouse. Microsoft is attempting to wrestle the strangle hold Apple Corp. has on the software and gadgets market with its iPhone 5 smartphone. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated that,
“We are trying to re-imagine the world from the ground up with Windows 8,” Ballmer told The Seattle Times.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer better be right about the revolutionary operating system in this do or die moment for Microsoft, as the stakes could not be any higher for this yesteryear technology giant, or Microsoft may never recover from a poor performance in this new age of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.
“This is going to be his defining moment,” said technology industry analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy. Ballmer’s “legacy will be looked at as what he did or didn’t do with Windows 8. If Windows 8 is not a success, a lot of people will be looking for Microsoft to make a change at the CEO level.”
Windows 8 which has been launched hot on the heels of the iPhone 5 has been designed for use on mobile phones, tablets and PCs with the purpose of providing a common look and feel.The strategy could either be a success across the board for all its Windows 8 platforms or a catastrophic failure, that in the course of time cast doubt in the fortunes of once the most valued technological giants of all time, only time will tell.