Kevin Pietersen in Twitter row with Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere
Jack wilshere
Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere has embroiled himself with Kevin Pietersen,  after the manner of the latter’s response to a question on eligibility of Manchester United youngster Adnan Janujaz to represent England.
Kevin Pietersen had tweeted to Jack Wilshere: “Interested to know how you define foreigner…? Would that include me, Strauss, Trott, Prior, Justin Rose, Froome, Mo Farah?”
Wilshere replied: “with all due respect Mr Pietersen the question was about Football! Cricket, cycling, Athletics is not my field!”
Pietersen then wrote back: “same difference.. It’s about representing your country! IN ANY SPORT!”
Wilshere ended the exchange by suggesting the two were actually in agreement, saying: “@KP24 I agree thats exactly what i was saying….”
Although Jack Wilshere has really tried to clarify his own views on who is eligible to represent England, he has found himself in a sticky situation that will be difficult to untangle himself from.