Running a business is not an easy job. The proprietors have to come up with innovative business concepts, arrange infrastructure for manufacturing, adapt to novel ideas for packaging and most importantly work day and night to promote the end product to create a brand name. Among the marketing techniques, mobile marketing strategies are the most cost effective and easy to use ones. If you are a business owner and you wish to learn how to use the SMS API bulk SMS services here is a step by step guide for beginners who wish to subscribe to bulk SMS marketing strategies to grow their business day by day.
Check for the best service providers
Remember you are in look out for the best bulk SMS creation and sending API that suits your business. So, you should check all the related aspects like pricing, the range of operation, the number of SMS that can be sent during a month’s tenure and several other things that are associated with it. With this ground work, you shall cross your first step of choosing the bulk SMS service providers.
Open your account
Once you finalize the bulk SMS provider, you should open your account and create your login credentials. It will require a unique ID and password identification factors. Once you are done with this step you can log-in to your account and start with process of bulk SMS creation and can send to the prospective customers.
connect media
Play around with the API
Once you log-in you will see the API interfaces that will contain options like compose, forward, add contacts etc. Whether you buy a bulk SMS service exclusively for your usage or use a third party re-seller based service you should play around with the API to understand how the SMS is composed and delivered to the customers.
Post or Schedule
When you have learnt the basics of drafting bulk SMS, you can type your message and send it to the customers mentioned in the list you have uploaded. The process is easy to operate and manage without any hassles. You even get a chance to schedule your messages so that it reaches the customers at specific time intervals.
There are many SMS API’s which gives you facility to upload message contents from text file, excel file etc. Similarly some service providers allow you to test run where in you can send bulk SMS and verify the operation. This is how a basic bulk SMS Kenya service works where you can set up your own bulk SMS service, schedule updates with suitable time gap, follow the leads with interesting contests, polls, freebie offers etc. to keep their interest invested. With so many advantages of this technology, it is time for you to wake up and call the best bulk SMS service provider in Kenya immediately and plan your promotional activities. With short messages to attract customers, be ready to rock and roll!