No Health Risks Are Associated With Mobile Phones and Other Wireless Networks
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A Norwegian experts report has established that there are no health risks associated with mobile phones and wireless networks and further aver that no further research is required on the topic. Consumers over the years have been weary of low-level electromagnetic field exposure from mobile phones, may cause adverse health effects, especially the incidence of cancer. Mobile phones, wireless phones and networks, mobile phone base stations, broadcasting transmitters and other communication equipment emit low-level electromagnetic fields; that the committee evaluated the power of their fields, of whether they pose a health risk and found none to exist.
The committee further studied the threshold limit values as per the current regulatory practice. The committee further provides advice to authorities about risk management and the prevailing regulatory practices. The report indicates that the threshold limit values for electromagnetic fields around transmitters used in mobile phones, and other devices should be the same as those recommended by the International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection.
The electromagnetic fields that are usually generated by the antennas in mobile phones and other wireless devices transmit radio signals are referred to as radio-frequency fields (RF). Those particular threshold values are based on fields above a certain power that can cause the heating of body tissues, and the report has consequently indicated that there are no adverse health risks as per the electromagnetic fields set under the international commission.
The threshold limit values for these electromagnetic fields are 50 times below the level that can cause heating of human tissue or stimulation of nerve cells, which consequently can cause adverse health risks. Due to a public outcry, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and Care Services and the Ministry of Transport and Communication commissioned the expert committee to carry out the research, with the expert committee chaired by Professor Jan Alexander.
Previous studies carried out on the same have concentrated on the risk of cancer in the head and neck of the potential victims, through use of the radio transmitters such as mobile phones.
The study concentrated on people who have used mobile phones for a long span of time, i.e. 20 years and above. The scientific evidence indicated that cancer registries have not increased or even observed in tumors caused by leukemia and lymphoma, in the population the research was conducted, since the first time mobile phones were used. This will come as a welcome relief to many people who have always been fearful of the potential health risks that might be associated with mobile phones and other wireless devices in vogue.