What are the Top 4 Benefits of SMS Marketing?

What are the Top 4 Benefits of SMS Marketing?


Plenty of new businesses are launched every day. To fight the competition and grab a permanent position in the market, business owners require promoting their business well. Conducting advertisement campaigns, hoardings, bill boards, printing pamphlets and distributing them by visiting customers are pretty strenuous and time consuming as well. Rather one can choose to send SMS to all the leads and try to promote the product. These bulk SMS techniques are highly beneficial as investment cost is less but results are multiple. How? Here are the top four benefits of SMS marketing which you should know to give your business the desired boost:




Rather than calling every lead, explaining them with the business motive, benefits and plans, one quick SMS can be drafted within 160 letters and sent to multiple recipients in one go. These easy to read and catchy messages can pass the message to the receiver in a much better way. These messages can also be customized to different groups as per their liking to generate a huge customer base.




Proverbs have more impact than moral stories. What can be conveyed through a short message will reach the audience in a quick and engrossing way than print outs or long emails. Drafting such bulk SMS messages is an art and there are creative copy writing experts who can design enjoyable and attractive messages for audiences in no time.


Clear and readable


SMS is a quick way to convey any message as these are clear and readable. Everybody can easily understand such messages and get the information at a glance. Also no one hesitates to open and read a SMS and hence its open rate is very high in comparison to emails or paper brochures which are too length and boring to go through. Thus no matter how much customers try to ignore, they tend to read one of the many SMS’ and finally get the product information.

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High conversion rate


Be it sending personalized SMS, or organizing SMS polls, creative contests, the rate of participation is always more compared to other mediums thereby attracting more customers. In contrast to email or phone marketing, SMS marketing results in good turnover of leads into customers and thus more conversion rate is achieved.


Country like Kenya where many mainstream businesses are progressively adapting technological advancements to diversify their GDP growth, SMS marketing techniques are greatly helpful. As every household owns mobile phones at present, connecting to common man via forums like bulk SMS Kenya is a wise move by the business owners. Also with zero cost involved, sending bulk SMS to customers and updating them with every business idea paves way for the loyal customers. With such innumerable benefits, SMS marketing is one of the best ways to take one’s business to its peak! So, business owners! call up today, book an appointment and get bulk SMS marketing started  to grow the business by leaps and bounds and get more customers with each passing day.

Points to Consider while Selecting a Provider of Bulk SMS in Kenya

Points to Consider while Selecting a Provider of Bulk SMS in Kenya

                     Points to Consider while Selecting a Provider of Bulk SMS in Kenya


Bulk SMS marketing strategy is a technique in which business promoters take their new features, amazing offers etc. to their customer base via SMS services. With every individual owning a mobile phone these days, these short message service based marketing techniques reach the customer quickly and also help them to reply back swiftly. There are plenty of bulk SMS service providers in developing countries like Kenya, but the trick is in choosing the right one which can bring in profit for the business in the best way possible. So, how does a business owner chooses his third party vendor? Here are few points to ponder while choosing SMS API bulk SMS service provider who can help to grow any business in the most accelerated way:




While choosing your bulk SMS provider, you need to check the reliability factor. They should have a market value, reputation and more importantly they should be trust worthy. Instead of subscribing to the cheapest SMS provider, choose the one which gives you 24*7 network and fool proof service. After you should remember, when it comes to cost versus performance you should consider performance over the other factors.




Always go for a SMS service provider which is speedy and consistent. Check the available service providers in the vicinity who have uninterrupted network and see what they offer in their package. Speed with which the message reaches the customer and the network availability are the prime factors that you need to consider while selecting a provider of bulk SMS in Kenya.


Quick setup


If you are choosing your own SMS provider, make sure you select the one who comes with a quick set up and easy operations. You should be able to register fast in the system, create a good SMS and send to a list of customers within less time. A quick setup is extremely important to boost up your business.


Nominal Cost


Cost is a deciding factor. Choose the service provider who comes with an optimal cost loaded with plenty of features. If you get more message limit and more customer support from a branded service provider for a slightly better cost, you still can opt for that easily.


Customer support


Customer support is an important feature that has to be checked before subscribing to the service provider. In case of network breakdown or any other technical support a fast and experienced customer support is very important. As such bulk SMS service providers should be selected based on their 24*7 availability which will help to run the promotional campaigns smoothly.


It is always a good idea to do a complete research before choosing the service provider from the neighborhood locality so that you are benefited the most. Get the complete quotation from each service provider, compare and contrast their features and make your choice. So, whenever you wish to make your business more visible in Kenya, more prominent among your competitors, go for bulk SMS Kenya based promotional strategy from the most trustworthy service partner and build a brand!

IVR Technology – Advantages & Disadvantages to Look out

IVR Technology – Advantages & Disadvantages to Look out


IVR Technology, also known as Interactive Voice Response technology is undoubtedly very useful for the businesses to reap profits by increasing their customer base. Whether be it managing internal customer routing, simple and basic customer service or to detect misdials, it can do them all in a cost effective way. All that a company needs to do is to attach a single IVR number to all the numbers. By keeping technology and customer experience in mind, most of the leading voice companies in Kenya build their IVR accordingly. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of IVR Technology below:




  • Provides self service – Having an active IVR technology, customers can easily perform and make their own transactions without having to talk to anybody else. This is going to create happy customers who enjoy getting self served and often get impressed by the way the smart set up has been done. This process is not just time saving but also less expensive to live person interaction.


  • Varied menu optionsIVR Kenya lets customers talk to the concerned person having the expertise to solve their problems. With a wide range of menu choice options, the IVR transfers the callers to the expert dealing with the respective area of query.


  • Speed and accuracy – The callers can derive easy solutions to their problems through this speedy method. IVR helps the customers with desirable information in the fastest way possible with the help of this effective tool.
  • Great source of information – Regardless of whether the employees are busy, not available or facing an outrage, the IVR informs the callers about the long wait and also provides with the option to call back later.

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  • Speech – At times, it becomes haywire as the desired person cannot be reached due to the difficult navigation. If people can follow properly the given instructions, open up their ears and listen, then they can directly speak with the right customer care person live in no less time.


  • Too many options –Many companies allot and put in way too many menu levels and choices of options that make it easy for the caller to get lost. There are certain callers who get frustrated and end up pressing any number or simply hang-up without getting a solution to their issue. So, the best way to resolve this would be to keep the options limited and simple.


  • Poor management – At times people get misled due to the wait time that stretches on for quite some time. If the executives are busy, making it clear to the callers and giving them an option to contact alternatively via mail or web will be the better idea. Too much of la-la-la music irritates the caller even more.


IVR system is therefore the most effective tool of marketing in today’s world and also in the business sector of Kenya. If the IVR technology is used effectively and in the right way efficiently, it can deliver a promising and a flawless customer experience besides building a stronger base of organizational competence.

IVR System: Every Single Call is Now Attended at the First Ring

IVR System: Every Single Call is Now Attended at the First Ring


Have you been receiving complaints from your customers that their calls are not being attended to or they have to wait for a long time before the calls are answered?  That can be really frustrating; both for you as well as for your customers. Ideally, you would want to have a system which would ensure that every single call is being responded to at the first ring. This issue can be easily taken care of by incorporating the IVR mechanism into the system. With the help of the IVR technology, you can ensure that every single call is now attended at the first ring. Companies are rapidly installing the IVR system into their system and countries like Kenya is not lagging behind in this at all. IVR Kenya has helped the companies to serve their customers in a much better way.

Proper Routing of Calls

When the caller calls up, he listens to a welcome greeting. Then he is given quite a few options to choose from. Some of his basic queries can be answered by the IVR itself.  In the case of more complicated and serious matters, the IVR would route the call to the proper department. If that department is not available at that point of time, it would inform the customer and would give him the option to wait or to call back later. The bottom line is, an IVR system ensures proper and systematic arrangements of calls and improves the level of communication between the customer and the company. The leading voice companies in Kenya offer excellent services to help their clients serve their customers in the best way possible.

Attending High Volumes of Calls

It is no longer a major issue to handle a high volume of calls for any customer care department. As this is an automated system, it is capable of handling an innumerable number of calls without any effort or problem. What is so impressive about this system is the fact that it can attend to multiple calls at the same point of time. This helps the companies to address many customers at the same point time, which helps to improve the level of satisfaction of their customers. The customers need to wait for long to get the proper solution of their problems.

connect media illustrating ivr technology and infrastructure
connect media illustrating ivr technology and infrastructure

Simple yet Perfect

From the customer’s point of view, the IVR is a very simple solution to their problems. All they need to do is to call up the number and follow the instructions. As it has clear cut menu options it is really very easy to understand and follow. Also, apart from being simple, this system also delivers its services with absolute perfection.

IVR is the best solution when it comes to offer advanced and expert customer service. Missing calls of the valued customers or not attending them can turn out to be really problematic for the businesses as they might lose their reliable clients.  So, to make each and every caller happy by responding to their call it is better to opt for the IVR technology.


How Bulk SMS Supports the Mobile Marketing Strategy?

How Bulk SMS Supports the Mobile Marketing Strategy?


Think big to grow big! This is the motto of every business entrepreneur as he works day in and day out to grow his business. There are many ways to promote business among customers in Kenya to make it popular like print media, advertisements, social media etc. but mobile marketing strategies are some of the easiest, quickest and responsive ways of converting leads into loyal customers. Many mobile marketing strategists prefer to use bulk SMS as the tool for promoting business. Why and how bulk SMS supports the mobile marketing strategies? Here are the answers-


Customized promotion


Through bulk SMS, the business promotions can be customized in the most attractive way. While there is a restriction in the message length, the creators come with intuitive ideas that will make the lead open the message, read through with interest and then take their decision. It helps one’s brand to get into the consumer’s hands quickly and efficiently overpowering all other competitors in the market.


High open rates


Bulk SMS is one of the mobile marketing strategies that come with high open and conversion rates. One cannot ignore SMS like an email and refrain from reading it as many smart phones come with auto read facility. Also as these tacky SMS’ reach the leads repeatedly, the customers might get compelled to go through them and could show some immediate interest and reply back to the SMS which will increase the conversion rate.


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mobile and sms technology brought to the fore by connect media

Builds opt-in database


The Bulk SMS strategy builds a dedicated opt-in customer database which is one of the prime requirements of mobile marketing strategy. It not just builds but through constant updates it strengthens the opt-in customer base as well. In this way it supports the mobile marketing strategies in a great way.


Exclusive brand awareness


Through bulk SMS, the business gets developed into an exclusive brand by reaching to the customers on a greater level within a very short tenure. The SMS can focus on pointers which will increase the brand awareness to a large extent. The SMS are always up to the point and do not beat around the bush. As such, the crisp and to the point messages hit the targeted customers and drive the customers to the store with their tag lines and surprise stocks.


Improves Loyalty


Mobile marketing strategies are adopted to retain the existing customer base and bring in new customers in plenty to reap the maximum profits from the business. With bulk SMS marketing, the business related information reaches the customer 24*7 and improves loyalty among the existing customers. The potential customers become long-time reliable customers thus boosting the business prospects for the company.


A strategy that aims to reach customer whenever they want by using mobile to their full advantage is the mobile marketing strategy. There are numerous cheapest bulk SMS companies in the market in Kenya that promises best customer connectivity and abundant growth in business. Choose the best one today and reap profits tomorrow!

How Bulk SMS Service Works? A Step by Step Guide for the Beginners

How Bulk SMS Service Works? A Step by Step Guide for the Beginners


Running a business is not an easy job. The proprietors have to come up with innovative business concepts, arrange infrastructure for manufacturing, adapt to novel ideas for packaging and most importantly work day and night to promote the end product to create a brand name. Among the marketing techniques, mobile marketing strategies are the most cost effective and easy to use ones. If you are a business owner and you wish to learn how to use the SMS API bulk SMS services here is a step by step guide for beginners who wish to subscribe to bulk SMS marketing strategies to grow their business day by day.


Check for the best service providers


Remember you are in look out for the best bulk SMS creation and sending API that suits your business. So, you should check all the related aspects like pricing, the range of operation, the number of SMS that can be sent during a month’s tenure and several other things that are associated with it. With this ground work, you shall cross your first step of choosing the bulk SMS service providers.


Open your account


Once you finalize the bulk SMS provider, you should open your account and create your login credentials. It will require a unique ID and password identification factors. Once you are done with this step you can log-in to your account and start with process of bulk SMS creation and can send to the prospective customers.

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Play around with the API


Once you log-in you will see the API interfaces that will contain options like compose, forward, add contacts etc. Whether you buy a bulk SMS service exclusively for your usage or use a third party re-seller based service you should play around with the API to understand how the SMS is composed and delivered to the customers.



Post or Schedule


When you have learnt the basics of drafting bulk SMS, you can type your message and send it to the customers mentioned in the list you have uploaded. The process is easy to operate and manage without any hassles. You even get a chance to schedule your messages so that it reaches the customers at specific time intervals.


There are many SMS API’s which gives you facility to upload message contents from text file, excel file etc. Similarly some service providers allow you to test run where in you can send bulk SMS and verify the operation. This is how a basic bulk SMS Kenya service works where you can set up your own bulk SMS service, schedule updates with suitable time gap, follow the leads with interesting contests, polls, freebie offers etc. to keep their interest invested. With so many advantages of this technology, it is time for you to wake up and call the best bulk SMS service provider in Kenya immediately and plan your promotional activities. With short messages to attract customers, be ready to rock and roll!



Features of the Interactive Voice Responsive System

Features of the Interactive Voice Responsive System


Interactive Voice Responsive Systems are the leaders of automating customer requests for a business. These systems have helped many businesses in Kenya and many other countries across the globe to actively grow and progress with their amazing technological features. These features are inbuilt into these systems to enhance customer engagement, add more value to the service and also to reduce the turn-around time of the customers. Here is the list of the technically advanced features that makes the IVR an intelligent and cost effective addition to any business. Go through these and get inspired:


Multiple language support


One of the prime and most important features of IVR technology is that it can support multiple languages to suit the customer’s choice. This is extremely beneficial indeed as it enables the customers to choose the language option as per their requirement and preference. One can easily select their language options in the very beginning and register their request after understanding the procedures well.


Voice activated dialing (VAD)


Voice activated dialing or VAD is another effective feature of the IVR technology that benefit the customers as well as the business. In the IVR systems, with voice activated dialing feature embedded, after routine inquiries the call is switched to a customer service representative. This reduces the waiting time of the customers and also of the representative as he or she gets all the required credential details of the customer on the screen. To avoid customer wait time and page more customers the VAD is an attractive feature indeed.


Data privacy maintenance


The IVR systems that are used at banks, medical centers and other corporate houses require the customer key-in data to be confidentially maintained as maintaining the privacy of data is a basic and must requirement. With IVR system this can be effectively done by businesses. Many leading voice companies in Kenya have suitable encryption available in their server which encodes the customer details and stores them for further usage. This maintains the data privacy practice well and anonymity of sensitive data is achieved.


Progressive dialing


Most of the IVR in Kenya are intelligent systems than predictive dialer machines which detect different line conditions and take automatic call decisions like switching the call to a customer service representative, putting the customer on hold until the previous caller hangs up,   diverting the call to a voice mailer box, connect to a fax tone and several others.  This intelligence helps the business to attend all customers and keep them engaged without any grievances.


These are some technical features of current IVR systems that are available in the market. Also with cloud based IVR in the market, service providers can hire systems and servers from the cloud and optimize on their investment cost to reap the maximum benefits and profits in turn. IVR is thus a technologically superior and efficient method to handle customers, promote business and grow! Hire the best IVR service provider for your business right today and race against time to win!

Create a Better Image for Your Company with an IVR System

Create a Better Image for Your Company with an IVR System

More organized you are a better image of your company you would portray to the rest of the world. What exactly is meant by being organized? Well, it is not only about the internal operations of your company which you carry out behind the scene. It has much to do with all those stuff which take place at the forefront, communication being one of them. The entire business fraternity is based on proper and effective communication. Communication is the basis of customer service. Therefore, the better communication mechanism you have, better would the reputation and image of your company. Here comes the importance of the IVR system into the picture.

IVR technology in Kenya

There are many companies in Kenya, which have deployed the IVR technology into their system. These companies belong to telecom, service sectors and different other spheres. With the incorporation of IVR into the system, they have felt the difference. Now, they can easily organize thousands of incoming calls they attend on a daily basis and most importantly, they are now able to answer the customer queries relentlessly and with utmost accuracy. This is possible because the entire operation is automated and there is no human intervention. IVR in Kenya is one of the key reasons for the success of the service sectors in the country.

What are the Key Features of the IVR system?

Here are some of the key features of the IVR system that you must know:

  • It comes with applications generators which have inbuilt debugging capabilities
  • The system come with drop and drag functionality
  • It offers flexibility to the entire communication system
  • It is accurate and can go on and on without any errors
  • The system can be used for advertisement and multiple messages can be played


How it improves the quality of communication?

With a good and well planned IVR system, you can certainly improve the quality of your business communication. Being the user you can easily operate the interface and play around it to get a complete hold over the system effectively. It serves many purposes which include the following:

  • Greet the callers nicely and prevent misdials which can be malicious or accidental
  • Informing them about the latest development in terms of the company’s products and services
  • Allows the users to switch from one department to another whenever necessary
  • It allows automating the customer support department
  • The calls can be prioritized based on the importance of the call
  • In case of any special assistance calls are forwarded to the concerned person to resolve the issue.

Apart from these, it serves various other functions that result in customer satisfaction. In short, IVR Kenya has made a huge difference for the companies in terms of their business achievements.

To conclude, it can be said that IVR is the best option when it comes to handling numerous customer calls. So, without making any more delay, decide on the best IVR service provider and incorporate this technology into your system.



Bulk SMS Service vs. Phone Call – A Brief Analysis

Bulk SMS Service vs. Phone Call – A Brief Analysis

Ever since the telephone was invented, marketing and business promotion achieved a new dimension. Customers could be reached from a distant location and the message could be conveyed. However, there are certain drawbacks when it comes to conduct marketing campaigns via phone calls. Over a period of time, with the introduction of mobile phones, a new concept came into the picture, the SMS sending technology. Very quickly, SMS services were introduced in order to carry out the marketing campaigns and business promotional activities. Bulk SMS service is a modified form of the SMS technology which enables the business houses to spread their reach over a wide domain. Like other countries bulk SMS, Kenya has picked up the pace in the last couple of years. In this context the common question that arises is which one is better and more effective- Bulk SMS or Telephonic call. Well, here is a brief analysis of the same:

Drawbacks of Telephone Marketing

As mentioned, there are certain drawbacks which can be associated with the telephone marketing. Here are some of the glitches of telephone marketing:

  • Expensive: Telephone marketing has proved to be very expensive. Moreover, the ROI or the return on investment is on the lower side.
  • Time Consuming: It is a time-consuming It takes a lot of time to call up people individually and then carry out the marketing skills.
  • Rejection: The rate of rejection is on the higher side when it comes to telephone-marketing.
  • More manpower: The involvement and requirement of man power is more in telephonic marketing. As a result, the cost on human resources is also more.


Why is Bulk SMS an Excellent Option?

Bulk SMS services have replaced telephone marketing at current times. There are various reasons as to why it has become so popular. Some of the reasons are listed out here:

  • Cheaper: It is much cheaper when compared to telephone marketing. Some of the cheapest bulk SMS companies have been rendering excellent services in different countries of the world.
  • High ROI: The ROI or Return on Investment of marketing through bulk SMS services has proved to be quite high compared to that of telephonic marketing.
  • Crisp and Precise: With the bulk SMS services, crisp and precise messages can be delivered to the targeted audience. As a result, it becomes easier for them to comprehend the essence of the message.
  • Wide Range: Through bulk SMS services, a much wider range of audience can be reached. Thousands can be delivered the same message simultaneously, which helps to save a lot of money.

Who is better- Telephone or SMS?

Considering the drawbacks and the benefits which can be derived from both of these technologies, it can be safely concluded by stating that bulk SMS service is much more efficient and effective compared to the telephone when it comes to marketing.

Having known the advantages which you can get by incorporating the bulk SMS service into your marketing mechanism, it is but obvious that you must vouch for it without giving any second thought. So, try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Bulk SMS- Making Business Marketing Easier

Bulk SMS- Making Business Marketing Easier

Business promotion is one of the areas which simply cannot be ignored. This is one aspect which acts as a driving force for any business. In the absence of a well-planned and scientific marketing mechanism, a business might collapse. On the other hand, the companies which have deployed a systematic and well-structured marketing system would invariably thrive. There are many ways to achieve the marketing objectives; one of the latest is the bulk SMS system. This is gaining rapid popularity among the business houses, whether big or small, owing to the astounding advantages and benefits that it offers. Check out here to know in detail:

It has made Life Easier for the Marketing Teams

This is one process which allows the companies to reach out to thousands and make their presence feel. With the help of this technology a brand name can be built within a short period of time as it assists the companies to reach out their customers through their mobile phones. Among the African countries, Kenya is a name which is worth mentioning which has excelled others in reaping huge profits by adopting this technology on a large-scale basis. Over the years, the country has witnessed tremendous development in the field of business and commerce. Bulk SMS Kenya is one of the key aspects of their marketing mechanism to reach the targeted consumers.

Why use Bulk SMS Service?

There are many reasons for which bulk SMS services have become so popular in the marketing fraternity. These aspects of this mechanism make it one of the most indispensable tools for marketing. Here are some reasons why the bulk SMS service should be used extensively:

  • Speedy Process: The process is very speedy and fast. Messages can be sent across quickly to thousands of recipients and it reaches their system just in a few seconds.
  • Cost Benefit: It comes with huge cost benefits. The entire process is relatively cheap and hence, the companies don’t have to bear additional expenses on the account of marketing.
  • No Spams: Unlike email marketing where the chances are the emails might get filtered as spam, in case of bulk the SMS system, the message is sure to reach the recipient.
  • Meaningful Conversation: The idea of the marketing campaign could be conveyed to the target audience in few words, which makes it a medium for meaningful conversation.

Apart from these, there are many other reasons which have made this marketing system such an effective one.

sms coverage


It offers a Global Reach

This is an era of globalization. Companies these days target customers from all over the world. In order to accomplish their objective, they rely on the bulk SMS services. There are multiple companies offering excellent services related to SMS API Bulk SMS in Kenya and over the last couple of years they have garnered huge name and fame for catering quality services.

At the end, it can be safely concluded by stating that bulk SMS service is one of the most efficient and effective means to achieve marketing objectives. Go ahead and incorporate it into your system and see the difference by yourself.