Interactive Voice Responsive Systems are the leaders of automating customer requests for a business. These systems have helped many businesses in Kenya and many other countries across the globe to actively grow and progress with their amazing technological features. These features are inbuilt into these systems to enhance customer engagement, add more value to the service and also to reduce the turn-around time of the customers. Here is the list of the technically advanced features that makes the IVR an intelligent and cost effective addition to any business. Go through these and get inspired:
Multiple language support
One of the prime and most important features of IVR technology is that it can support multiple languages to suit the customer’s choice. This is extremely beneficial indeed as it enables the customers to choose the language option as per their requirement and preference. One can easily select their language options in the very beginning and register their request after understanding the procedures well.
Voice activated dialing (VAD)
Voice activated dialing or VAD is another effective feature of the IVR technology that benefit the customers as well as the business. In the IVR systems, with voice activated dialing feature embedded, after routine inquiries the call is switched to a customer service representative. This reduces the waiting time of the customers and also of the representative as he or she gets all the required credential details of the customer on the screen. To avoid customer wait time and page more customers the VAD is an attractive feature indeed.
Data privacy maintenance
The IVR systems that are used at banks, medical centers and other corporate houses require the customer key-in data to be confidentially maintained as maintaining the privacy of data is a basic and must requirement. With IVR system this can be effectively done by businesses. Many leading voice companies in Kenya have suitable encryption available in their server which encodes the customer details and stores them for further usage. This maintains the data privacy practice well and anonymity of sensitive data is achieved.
Progressive dialing
Most of the IVR in Kenya are intelligent systems than predictive dialer machines which detect different line conditions and take automatic call decisions like switching the call to a customer service representative, putting the customer on hold until the previous caller hangs up,   diverting the call to a voice mailer box, connect to a fax tone and several others.  This intelligence helps the business to attend all customers and keep them engaged without any grievances.
These are some technical features of current IVR systems that are available in the market. Also with cloud based IVR in the market, service providers can hire systems and servers from the cloud and optimize on their investment cost to reap the maximum benefits and profits in turn. IVR is thus a technologically superior and efficient method to handle customers, promote business and grow! Hire the best IVR service provider for your business right today and race against time to win!