More organized you are a better image of your company you would portray to the rest of the world. What exactly is meant by being organized? Well, it is not only about the internal operations of your company which you carry out behind the scene. It has much to do with all those stuff which take place at the forefront, communication being one of them. The entire business fraternity is based on proper and effective communication. Communication is the basis of customer service. Therefore, the better communication mechanism you have, better would the reputation and image of your company. Here comes the importance of the IVR system into the picture.
IVR technology in Kenya
There are many companies in Kenya, which have deployed the IVR technology into their system. These companies belong to telecom, service sectors and different other spheres. With the incorporation of IVR into the system, they have felt the difference. Now, they can easily organize thousands of incoming calls they attend on a daily basis and most importantly, they are now able to answer the customer queries relentlessly and with utmost accuracy. This is possible because the entire operation is automated and there is no human intervention. IVR in Kenya is one of the key reasons for the success of the service sectors in the country.
What are the Key Features of the IVR system?
Here are some of the key features of the IVR system that you must know:

  • It comes with applications generators which have inbuilt debugging capabilities
  • The system come with drop and drag functionality
  • It offers flexibility to the entire communication system
  • It is accurate and can go on and on without any errors
  • The system can be used for advertisement and multiple messages can be played
How it improves the quality of communication?
With a good and well planned IVR system, you can certainly improve the quality of your business communication. Being the user you can easily operate the interface and play around it to get a complete hold over the system effectively. It serves many purposes which include the following:

  • Greet the callers nicely and prevent misdials which can be malicious or accidental
  • Informing them about the latest development in terms of the company’s products and services
  • Allows the users to switch from one department to another whenever necessary
  • It allows automating the customer support department
  • The calls can be prioritized based on the importance of the call
  • In case of any special assistance calls are forwarded to the concerned person to resolve the issue.

Apart from these, it serves various other functions that result in customer satisfaction. In short, IVR Kenya has made a huge difference for the companies in terms of their business achievements.
To conclude, it can be said that IVR is the best option when it comes to handling numerous customer calls. So, without making any more delay, decide on the best IVR service provider and incorporate this technology into your system.