Buongiorno closes security hole

The Italian based mobile Ecosystem Player and mobile applications developer and manager, which was recently acquired by Japan’s NTT DoCoMo co. has closed a security hole that had allowed malicious Premium Rate Subscriptions, to be injected into its state of the art systems.

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This is after consultant Mark Hole discovered he could subscribe to SMS premium Rate Services, after using a plugin in his Mozilla browser to simulate transactions carried out by an Apple’s I phone. The eagle eyed consultant had contacted his mobile subscriber Orange to complain of phantom charges of one point five pounds charged on his monthly bill, but was rebuffed by being told he must have been responsible, of which he contacted Buongiorno and filed a complaint with the firm. A spokesman for Buongiorno told the BBc that, “There was a bug in the system, and when it was found out, we very quickly moved to pin it down, find out what happened and stop it from happening again”.