Ever since the telephone was invented, marketing and business promotion achieved a new dimension. Customers could be reached from a distant location and the message could be conveyed. However, there are certain drawbacks when it comes to conduct marketing campaigns via phone calls. Over a period of time, with the introduction of mobile phones, a new concept came into the picture, the SMS sending technology. Very quickly, SMS services were introduced in order to carry out the marketing campaigns and business promotional activities. Bulk SMS service is a modified form of the SMS technology which enables the business houses to spread their reach over a wide domain. Like other countries bulk SMS, Kenya has picked up the pace in the last couple of years. In this context the common question that arises is which one is better and more effective- Bulk SMS or Telephonic call. Well, here is a brief analysis of the same:
Drawbacks of Telephone Marketing
As mentioned, there are certain drawbacks which can be associated with the telephone marketing. Here are some of the glitches of telephone marketing:

  • Expensive: Telephone marketing has proved to be very expensive. Moreover, the ROI or the return on investment is on the lower side.
  • Time Consuming: It is a time-consuming It takes a lot of time to call up people individually and then carry out the marketing skills.
  • Rejection: The rate of rejection is on the higher side when it comes to telephone-marketing.
  • More manpower: The involvement and requirement of man power is more in telephonic marketing. As a result, the cost on human resources is also more.

Why is Bulk SMS an Excellent Option?
Bulk SMS services have replaced telephone marketing at current times. There are various reasons as to why it has become so popular. Some of the reasons are listed out here:

  • Cheaper: It is much cheaper when compared to telephone marketing. Some of the cheapest bulk SMS companies have been rendering excellent services in different countries of the world.
  • High ROI: The ROI or Return on Investment of marketing through bulk SMS services has proved to be quite high compared to that of telephonic marketing.
  • Crisp and Precise: With the bulk SMS services, crisp and precise messages can be delivered to the targeted audience. As a result, it becomes easier for them to comprehend the essence of the message.
  • Wide Range: Through bulk SMS services, a much wider range of audience can be reached. Thousands can be delivered the same message simultaneously, which helps to save a lot of money.

Who is better- Telephone or SMS?
Considering the drawbacks and the benefits which can be derived from both of these technologies, it can be safely concluded by stating that bulk SMS service is much more efficient and effective compared to the telephone when it comes to marketing.
Having known the advantages which you can get by incorporating the bulk SMS service into your marketing mechanism, it is but obvious that you must vouch for it without giving any second thought. So, try it, you won’t be disappointed.