Pricing of Bulk SMS


 1.0 Ksh ONLY Per SMS

0.00 USD/Kshs Set-Up Fees

If a client needs a Unique Sender ID also known as Company name branding, a one Time SMS Branding Fee of Kshs. 5,000 applies

Multi-Platform SMS Solution, i.e. Web-based SMS Solution, Desktop, Mobile, etc

Our SMS Don’t Expire

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Free of Charge to Set-up an account, taking a maximum of 3 Minutes only!
You get to schedule SMS your account to be automatically sent out at any given time of day, without any supervision.
Upload contacts from your phonebook, you won’t have to keep typing in contact details of your message recipients.
You receive a powerful reporting facility in your account, that keeps you constantly and fully informed at all times.
We have a flexible payment mechanisms, you can either pay through Mpesa, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Cash or any other means that is convenient to you.
We appreciate that a robust and secure platform is of utmost importance to us, and thus you will receive enhanced security features as we have implemented world class security features that are second to none.
You will be able to personalize the messages you sent, this will help to brand your business messages, giving you an edge in promoting your business.
You will receive a log of the history of messages sent, and those you want to send out in the future.