Are you wondering why would you want to have an IVR system installed in your company? The reason is simple! It helps to make the business dealings much easier for you. There will be no need for you to manually handle thousands of call which you receive on a daily basis. This automated system would do the work for you by shouldering down all the responsibilities of attending the calls of your customers. Apart from these, there are other reasons which have compelled companies from all over the globe to switch to the IVR mechanism, Kenya is no different! The leading voice companies in Kenya are offering excellent services to the companies operating in different spheres. Find out the best reasons to get this system here:
What are the Advantages of using an IVR System?
There are numerous advantages which the IVR system has to offer. Here are some of them for you to go through:

  • It improves the efficiency of the Customer Service Department: The IVR system can be configured in such a manner that almost all the common queries of the customers can be answered by the automated system. The customer care executives can concentrate on more complex and important issues related to this sector.
  • It cuts down Operational Cost: In many companies, the entire customer care service is being conducted by the IVR technology itself. There is no human intervention whatsoever. This helps to cut down the operational cost to a great extent. As there is no human resource needed the business can save a good amount from this sector and can invest in other areas.
  • Increases Professionalism: When the customers call up and they are greeted by a well-polished voice with perfect pitch, then it creates a good impression. Besides, everything is organized and as a result proper information is delivered when prompted. All these factors put together help to improve the professionalism.
  • Customer Satisfaction

When the customers can get hold of the information in precise and clear   terms without going through a lot of explanations, it certainly helps to improve the customer experience and as a result the businesses get more and more happy and contented customers!
Is there any Substitute for IVR?
In simple terms, there are no substitutes for the IVR system. This system has been designed and developed in such a manner that it can itself attend to thousands of calls and convey accurate and correct information to the callers whenever required 24*7. Besides, it can transfer the calls to different departments where human intervention is required.
IVR technology has certainly added an extra dimension to the customer service fraternity. Most of the companies which deal with a large number of customers have incorporated this system and are more than satisfied with the results. If you are planning to setup an IVR system for your business in Kenya, then you should go for it at once. IVR Kenya will not disappoint you at all!