iphone presentation
On the eve of the launch of the new Samsung S4, Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing slammed Android S4 Operating system. Stating that,
“Android is often given as a free replacement for a feature phone and the experience isn’t as good as an iPhone,” Schiller told the Wall Street Journal. He added: “When you take an Android device out of the box, you have to sign up to nine accounts with different vendors to get the experience iOS comes with,” he said. “They don’t work seamlessly together.” Not content with just that comment, Schiller also told Reuters that many Android users are stuck on out-of-date software. “Over 50 percent are still on software that is two years old.”
iphone presentation
His remarks come on the heels of Apple’s stock hiting a one year low, coupled with being out-sold and outmanouvered by Samsung for the past 12 months. With its slipping grip on the market, Apple is losing its zeal as Samsung generates a buzz, greatly suggesting that Apple will have an ardous task of sustaining its market position and appeal, as the dominant force it once was, especially in the great abscence of its iconic and visionary late CEO, Steve Jobs.
Further stating that, “With their own data, only 16 percent of Android users are on year-old version of the operating system,”, As “Over 50 percent are still on software that is two years old. A really big difference.”
Moreover, according to the WSJ, he also shared company data indicating four times as many customers had switched to iPhone from Android during Q4 as the reverse, of which many commentators would like to get hold of that data that Apple claims, but only time will tell of which of this two tech behemoths will outlast the other.