Our achievements

We learn every day to optimize our services and provide our customers with nothing but the best products.
And here are our achievements we gained during our service to our customers both locally in Kenya and around the globe.

Our Corporate vision dictates that

we unlock the deep potential of technological advances, to vastly improve the quality of life for our customers; which is an important factor we highly cater for in all our business activities.This is as nothing drives progress like imagination, as we are highly ingenious in our marketing activities and in the utilization of a wide array of our premium marketing tools ; as we assist our customers get to know us and our product portfolio.

Connect Media Interactive is an industry leading provider of mobile billing and SMS messaging solutions such as premium rate services in of which range from mobile banking, USSD, Mobile Marketing to SMS subscription products.

Our focus on quality products and customer satisfaction, has turned us to one of the most reliable players in the business.

Connect Media is an established registered company with an excellent history of innovation and Customer Satisfaction.

Our Portfolio offering such as Phone advertising and marketing activities, Phone Banking Solutions, USSD, Short-codes, Phone Subscription solutions such as ringtones among other Phone content, Mobile campaigns, Bulk SMS solutions, SMS & MMS Multimedia entertainment, and other products are all delivered through industry-leading SMS Gateway, which is renowned for reliability and functionality.

We have an enviable track record in the industry in customer satisfaction with quality-laden products.

Our diverse, highly proficient, well blend support staff is very friendly and caring to your needs; do get in touch with us we are happy to hear from you.

Connect Media Interactive ltd Company is licensed under the Communications Commission of Kenya, ConnectMedia.co offers premium sms, bulk sms, Unstructured Supplementary service data, SMS gateways, SMS Applications, Mobile technology and ussd gateways,etc. We Specialize in managing, delivery and billing for digital content which come in the form of Premium Rate Solutions such as Premium SMS, Bulk SMS, Interactive Voting Services. Connect Media achieves this through integrity, innovation and a sophisticated infrastructure.

Support 99%
Mobile 99%
Adaptability 98%
Professionalism 99%
Reliability 97%
User friendly 99%
Proficiency 94%
Technology 98%

What we do

Our corporate vision dictates we utilize technological advances, to create ground breaking mobile messaging solutions that will not only change your modus operandi but change the lives on an entire generation; of which is only possible if conducted by a highly proficient team of well blend support staff, working in a very friendly ambience who care to your needs; and make a difference to your lives.

User-friendly interface

We offer the most user friendly mobile messaging solutions that even in this modern world of smart phones, i pads, a savvy 10 year old teenager will be able to use any of our products with consummate ease.

Technical Support

We offer highly professional support to any of your needs, no matter how small you might think a problem to you might be, we still address it on a timely basis. As we are of the opinion no issue should be an impediment to your business, which are handled with the utmost competence and understanding, which is why we offer the most reliable technical support.

High quality products

We aim to offering a product portfolio that purely concentrates on highly advanced mobile messaging solutions, that are second to none. We offer ground breaking products that will make an immediate difference to the thousands of individuals and businesses that use our products.


We are very humbled by the reliability of our products, we value the need to have a solution that meets and even exceeds your needs. Which is why we have heavily invested in technological advances that will aide in crafting solid and smart mobile SMS solutions, that will meet all your needs.

Awesome product portfolio

We offer the best prices that will meet the needs of everyone, we leave no one behind. Our product portfolio is created with the intent of ensuring that all the needs of individuals, small businesses, medium sized organizations, and even the large corporate businesses are all catered for with appropriate products.

Ground breaking technology

We understand that technological advances allow us to offer you the most  effective, efficient, economical services that will meet all your needs in the most timely manner, this is why we have fully embraced technological advances and been at the forefront of creating technological innovations that will help us provide you with a better service.