Bulk SMS mobile marketing strategy is the best way to promote business ventures to create a brand name within a smaller time frame. Bulk SMS in Kenya has been quite a popular way of promoting business all over the country with its highly conducive and amicable environment. At present when every customer owns a mobile phone, SMS can reach quickly and cannot escape the eyes of the customer at any cost. Here are five key points that you should know about bulk SMS technology to understand how it works and creates a huge customer base for the business own. Check these out for your understanding:
Quick and efficient
Bulk SMS technique is by and far the most efficient and quick way of conveying promotional information to the customers. It is short and the rate to read a delivered text message is also very high with many smart phones coming up with auto read for SMS. While users check emails once a day, they cannot miss SMS at any rate and hence it reaches customers faster as well compared to mails.
Content oriented
The bulk SMS technique completely relies on content for the best results. What is drafted as a big fat email should be converted into a 160 character SMS that is attractive to read and easy to understand for all the receivers from any background. Hence Bulk SMS technology is fully content-oriented and relies on the content for its victory.
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Less in cost
Compared to the e-mail marketing or social media marketing, setting up a bulk SMS marketing strategy is much lesser in cost. It is quite inexpensive than the other options and hassle-free as well. All one needs is a simple SMS API with basic browser settings. With cloud computing in its peak, one can even get a server on the cloud to host the messages delivery.
Simple to use
Learning how to draft and send a short message via bulk SMS API is very easy. Even people who do not have much experience in handling computers can learn this technique easily in few days’ time without anybody’s assistance. Users can learn this just by playing around with the interface on their own.
Time and resource efficient
Bulk SMS based mobile marketing strategy saves a lot of time for the customer and resources for the sender. While reading an SMS might just take lesser than a minute, creating and sending the SMS across a client list too takes very less time. Thus, this technology optimizes on time and resources to a great extent
With every passing day, competition is getting very high among business owners in Kenya. To beat their counterparts, each one has to identify their marketing strategy and the most common, easy to reach and high conversion rate technique is that of the bulk SMS strategy. So, if you are running your business and are willing to build a brand around, opting for bulk SMS Kenya is the ideal choice for you! Grab your phone and call the nearest service provider right now!